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Using Email Marketing to Communicate With Your Clients

img-Using-Email-Marketing-to-Communicate-With-Your-ClientsAre you communicating regularly with your clients? If not then you are surely missing out on generating leads and sales for your business! However, creating a successful and ongoing email campaign takes a lot more effort (and common sense) than compi ...
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Web Copywriting Is Vital for Lead Generation

img-web-copywriting-is-vital-for-Lead-GenerationWeb copywriting is one of the most vital parts of a web marketing strategy. In a place where the next website is only ever a click away, it’s what you write that matters. Unfortunately web copywriting is often left to last, or left out altogether. ...
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How to generate website traffic using search marketing (SEM)

With search marketing, the people who are actively looking for your products and services will find you. Without it, your website may well be lost. What is Search Marketing? Search marketing is all about putting your website on the map. Professiona ...
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How to make your website an effective business tool

Is your website performing as effectively as it should? A good website should be one of the most valuable business assets you own. Your website should look great, read well and – with the right technology – be the most effective busines ...
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The trouble with internet marketing gurus

You know how there’s 101 marketing gurus out there who have a book, a blog, an e-book, a CD-ROM, a Video Course, or downloadable program to sell that will tell you how to make millions on the internet? Well, those marketing guru’s know t ...
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How to convert your website leads into sales

Now that you have lots of visitors to your website and they’re lodging enquiries in droves, how do you turn them into sales? On a mystery shopping excursion with one of our clients, we discovered that most of their competition responded to web enqu ...
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5 Things Your Website Needs to Generate Qualified Leads

Have you ever been in a shop where you just couldn’t get service? You stand there ready to buy, and the shop assistants just ignore you? And if they do come over, they’re not helpful. They don’t answer your questions and they do ...
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Use Landing Pages To Track Your Campaigns Effectiveness

Do you know whether your advertising campaigns are effective? How well does your business track the response to your advertising campaigns? Most marketing mediums suffer from: Limited content space Limited time Difficulty in measuring results It is ...
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How to Generate Leads through Email Marketing

How to generate leads through email marketing[leadplayer_vid id=”51AFCD333C16F”] Video Highlights: 00:00:20 – Get the attention of your customers thru email marketing 00:00:23 – What your email marketing shouln’t be 00:00:40 – Ways to burn your email list 00: ...
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6 Common Web Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

6 Common Web Marketing Mistakes[leadplayer_vid id=”517611E31A33C”] Video Highlights: 00:14 – You can reach out to many new prospects using internet marketing 00:34 – Here are the 6 common mistakes to avoid 01:24 – Don’t worry, it’s easy to ...
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